Familj II Alice

Alice is an enlarged version of the Della pattern. A lovely imaginary underwater world inhabited by pretty watercolour animals and seashells.


Printed on a non-woven paper of the highest quality. The paper is reinforced with nylon fibers making the wallpaper stable, meaning that the adhesive can be applied directly to the wall; which makes installation much easier

Width 0.45 m


How to paste
Paste the wall

Light resistance
Good light fastness and won’t be easily sun-bleached. All wallpaper will fade over time but Sandberg production technology is designed to provide optimum resistance to fading

Washable – you can wipe the wallpaper down gently with a damp cloth. Make sure you wring the cloth of excess water. Wiping down your wallpaper is essential when wallpapering to remove residue glue. Don’t scrub the paper as this will rub off the colour

By using only environmentally friendly methods and materials, including a water-based ink system, the wallpaper is free from plasticizers and fluorocarbons, PVC and other chlorinated plastics. And of course, all waste materials are recycled. Printed on non-woven paper reinforced with nylon fibers that create no VOC (Volatile organic compound) in room temperature. Printed with all natural non-toxic color compounds that produce no VOC and paste is made from modified potato starch that is also non-toxic

Fire retardancy
FSC certified and fire rated by the EU official standard EN 13501 and have a minimum classification of B-s1,d0