Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Hospitality — Singapore

Waltex had the privilege of working with boutique interior design firm Design Wilkes on the refurbishment of wallcoverings for the renowned Mandarin Oriental Singapore. A haven of luxury and sophistication with a commanding view over the iconic Marina Bay, the five-star hotel invites guests into its newly redesigned space to experience the essence of Singapore, embracing the city’s vibrant energy and storied heritage.

In the corridors with an atrium view of this prestigious hotel, guests are treated to a captivating sight: a mesmerizing wallcovering that evokes the beauty of a finely crafted, gently glistening mosaic. As they traverse through these corridors, they are enveloped in the subtle allure of this Shimmer design, which adds a layer of visual intrigue to their journey through the hotel.

The intricate design of Grace wallpaper brings the reminiscent of the delicate tendrils of a climbing plant, which imbues the walls with a sense of organic charm is found as bedhead features in the Marina Bay and Ocean View Rooms, as well as the Presidential Suites, within the majestic confines of the Mandarin Oriental Singapore. The Grace pattern exudes an understated elegance, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the serene embrace of nature. A touch of authenticity and timelessness is also found in the general walls of the Presidential Suites. The repeating pattern of Canvas mirrors the texture and structure of real linen, adding depth and sophistication to the walls. As a result, both rooms exude a sense of refined luxury, with the master bedroom radiating tranquility and the dining room exuding coziness and hospitality.

The Bounty design in the meeting rooms embody nature’s elegance, inspired by finely woven grasses and intricate handcrafted details. With its abstract depiction of lush palm leaves reaching upward, it symbolizes growth and aspiration. As guests convene in this space, they are immersed in a space that is conducive to creativity and progress, while surrounded by the essence of natural beauty.

In revitalised Oriental Ballroom, the design choice seamlessly incorporates the charming elegance of Curve. Crafted from a cozy 3D bouclé fabric and characterized by its rounded, soft shapes imbued with a vintage allure, Curve adds a touch of sophistication to the space while exudes warmth and comfort, inviting guests to relax and unwind in style.

In the rooms boasting the breathtaking Singapore city view, guests are treated to a unique experience with custom digital prints. These prints, originally conceived by the brilliant Design Wilkes, and also found in the walk-in wardrobes and intricate backing of the mini bar, bring a distinctive touch to the space. With the trust bestowed upon Waltex, the exquisite designs are faithfully reproduced on our high-quality wallpaper and fabrics, ensuring that the hotel continues to deliver unparalleled excellence in its decor and ambiance.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s bar has been rejuvenated with the Grid, where incident light plays a vital role. The interaction of lines adjusts with light levels, creating a lively contrast that evolves daily. Drawing inspiration from woven fabrics, the diagonal patterns provide a soft, consistent appearance which enhances the overall ambiance of the bar environment.

Photos by Mandarin Oriental, Singapore