Corporate Office

Boost Holdings

Corporate Office — Kuala Lumpur

Boost is a Malaysian fintech company that has launched Boost Bank, the country’s first home-grown digital bank. Formed in partnership with RHB Bank, it focuses on financial inclusion for underserved and unbanked populations, offering tiered interest rates and various account benefits.

Recently, Waltex had the privilege to renew their office interior in Axiata Tower, livening up the space with our exquisite wallpaper. The design philosophy by EzyOffice, the fit out contractor and designer for this project centers on fostering unity and celebrating diversity.

Crafted to evoke the tropical pandan plant’s wickerwork design, the wallpaper in the Boost office pantry features fibres diagonally cut and interwoven, creating clean, diagonal lines with a natural look and feel. The colourway 34103 from our Pandan collection, which incorporates these patterns, adorns the walls, paying homage to Malaysia’s rich cultural tapestry.

This design also infuses the pantry with tropical elegance and cultural richness, providing a refreshing and calming backdrop for employees as they take breaks and recharge. The combination of nature-inspired pandan patterns and traditional batik motifs makes the space feel more inviting and serene, blending the corporate environment’s functionality with the beauty of natural textures and cultural heritage.