The right place for fit-out contractors, interior designers, architects and homeowners looking for supply and install of wallpaper and wallcoverings. Waltex Corporation provides a top-notch consultation service and will guide you through wallpaper trends – botanical, trellis, geometric, marble, damask, floral, abstract, watercolor, stripe, artistic, kids, jungle, minimalist, mural, fabric, shibori, moroccan, 3D wallpaper and more. We carry imported, high quality products from Belgium, United Kingdom, United States of America and Japan. Pick from natural materials like grasscloths, metals, timber, bark cloth, banana leaves on woven, non-woven and paper back that give character to your home. If that selection isn’t wide enough, opt for custom wallpaper and wallcoverings where you can print any image you want.
Engage our services to strip, hang or install wallpaper or wallcoverings in your beautiful home, office, study, bedroom, powder room, walk-in wardrobe, media room. Apart from residential projects, our strength is also in commercial projects like hotels, hospitals, corporate suites, spas and restaurants. Don’t wait any longer, get a free quote from Waltex for all your wallpaper needs!
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